Day in the Life


Today is a Thursday, October 13th. Thank god it’s not Friday the 13th. I just woke up and its 9:30am. I have class at 11:00am and it is Web Page Design, what I am making this blog post for. For breakfast I am going to have a bagel with cream cheese I think. I live in the Delta Gamma sorority house on 34th street and the food here is always so good.

Mid – Morning

After breakfast I have to leave at 10:30am because the walk from 34th street to Meredith East on 25th street is kind of a hike. It really only takes fifteen minutes to get there but I like being early and it would give me anxiety if I left any later than that. When I get to Meredith East class starts and we talk about word press and plug-ins.


Web Page Design ends a little early, like noon, right when afternoon begins. Directly from class, I walk to the Bell Center. I work at Drake Recreation as their marketing office assistant. Today, we demo a group x class because they are looking to hire a new instructor and this is part of the interview process. It was very fun but I think I will be sore tomorrow.

Mid Afternoon

After work I walk back home because I don’t have class again until 3:30pm. I finally eat lunch which was a ham and cheddar omelet. I love breakfast for lunch. After lunch I watch TV and completely forget to publish this blog post. With this in mind, I am going to continue to outline my day but I am writing this on Friday, October 14th after the due date 🙁

This is the Thursday before fall break and my 3:30 class of Direct and Interactive Marketing only has eight people in it. Therefore, our professor cancels class and lets us start break early. I also have no classes on Fridays so I tell my friend that we can drive home tonight.


I am from the suburbs of Chicago and from Des Moines that is about five hours away. We leave right after I hear that my class was canceled which was about 2:30pm. We fill up gas and get on the road.

About 2.5 hours later we are in Davenport, Iowa and stop at Portillo’s. If you don’t know what that is, it is a hotdog restaurant local to Chicago.

It was actually founded in Villa Park, Illinois which is the suburb that I am from. After we eat, we get back to driving and to get home at a decent time.

We get home around 8:00pm. I visit with my parents for a little and go to bed. And that was a Thursday In the Day of a Life

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